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Our ready-to-camp options

Arrive and leave light! Want to enjoy the joys of camping without the hassle?


Our ready-to-camp options are here to let you focus on what really matters.

tree tent

Tree tent

Suspended between sky and earth, in a cocoon of canvas and wood, lulled by the whisper of the wind through the leaves. Immerse yourself completely in nature and elevate yourself, quite literally, above the everyday.

Prospector Tent

Prospector tent

Dive into the rustic charm and authenticity of an adventure in a wooded environment, sheltered in a prospector-style tent.


With its warm atmosphere, it's a true cozy cocoon surrounded by trees.

roulotte toute équipée en location

Equipped Trailers

Experience nomadic comfort in a fully equipped trailer for camping. This mobile cocoon offers the luxury of adventure without compromise. It's modern comfort combined with the pleasure of outdoor life.



This cleverly designed small refuge combines the ingenuity of compact layout, modern comfort, and outdoor living. Enjoy the joys of camping, without compromising on comfort!

mini chalet tiny house microchalet

Micro chalet

Our micro chalets offer a unique camping experience! They can accommodate 3 to 4 people.

chalet for rent


Dive into the cozy intimacy of a charming lakeside chalet. With two bedrooms, its warm atmosphere will provide you with a peaceful escape in the heart of our campground!

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